Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Created from your dreeeeeams"

Went down to the Cinefamily to check out a screening presented by those found footage ghouls, Everything Is Terrible, and dear God, was the feature ever terrible! An abysmal direct-to-video assault on the eyes and ears called Creating Rem Lezar. Since I'm too terrified to sleep, for fear of a blue mullet man coming to tuck me in, I decided to ink and color this goofy caricature of the film's titular character, Rem Lezar.
(click for larger)
This is Rem Lezar. He lives in your nightmares and the Vegas odds have it at 2:1 that he's a pedo. Seriously, the following is a direct quote from the opening song. "Part of the joy that I get from this boy is his innocent laugh and style" Here's a link to the movie on youtube if you actually wanna see something...well...terrible!

Here's a still from the

Being the curious guy that I am, I of course had to look up any information I could find on this wreck. Turns out that the actor that plays Rem Lezar (Jack Mulcahy) has his own Wikipedia entry. The damn thing is only 2 sentences long! But what really cracks my ass up is that according to this entry, the highlight of his "career" was singing a goddamn Snickers candy bar jingle in 2006!!!

Anyway, here's a scan of of the sketches I made during the movie.

(click for larger)
I think these actually look better than the inked and colored version above. Man, I really need to get better with Adobe Illustrator.


jaxon23 said...

If you actually did any research on the guy, you'd find his career isn't boiled down to two Wikipedia sentences: he has over 70 stage, film and TV credits.

Creating Rem Lezar may not have been the highest point of filmmaking, granted, but shot in 1989 it certainly had nothing to do with pedophilia, or any other sordid fantasy. That's on you.

As far as I know, children loved its message and its music. And it's still being talked about some 20 years later.

I suppose it's easy to sit at your keyboard and judge and carp. All that tells me is that you haven't a clue as to what the life of a working actor is like.

Thom Foolery said...

It's not just incredibly easy to sit at my keyboard and judge, but its also fun as hell! However, if you read correctly, you'd see that I sat in a movie theater with a sketchbook and judged. I sat at the keyboard after after the judgement was already made.

You found me out. I haven't a clue as to what the life as a working actor is like. Maybe I should stop blogging pictures of cartoons and telling people that I'm an artist, so as not to continue to give the impression that I do.

Yes, it is still being talked about 20 years later. I was in a theater full of people and we were all talking about it. We talked about how creepy and terrible it was.

So, are you related to this guy in some capacity? Nephew? Former lover? Both? I can't fathom how anyone else could possibly get so upset over this as to actually create a blogger profile for the sole purpose of commenting and attempting a dressing down.