Friday, May 13, 2011

Digital Illustration - Week 05

Our homework was to create a personal logo for ourselves in illustrator. So, here you go.

(click for larger)
I think that works rather well for me.

I decided to do a second one just to get in some more practice in illustrator. I'm really falling in love with this program.

(click for larger)
One of my favorite things in the entire world, is a black, spherical cartoon bomb. Complete with a "window shine". For those that weren't inundated with golden age animation during their formative years, a window shine is a reflection of a 4-panel window on a surface.

THOM FOOLERY'S CARTOON FACT #35 - In a cartoon, bombs and apples ALWAYS have a window shine, even if it's at night in the middle of a feild and there are no windows to be seen anywhere!

I think I'm going to screen the skull onto a black t-shirt for myself.

Gotta love wearing a shirt that promotes yourself for no other reason than self-serving narcissism. It's like Mitch's "MITCH ROCKS" t-shirt in Powerpuff Girls

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duzitickle said...

if you decide to print shirts, lemme know, id kick cash for one.