Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Wanna be a member? Wanna be a member?"

Here's a poster I designed for the Jerry Beck's next Animation Tuesday at The Cinefamily.

(click for larger)

I was really excited to do this poster. Max Fleischer cartoons are some of my very favorites. If you're familiar with my work, you'll definitely see the influence. I just love those simple yet stylish designs of the 1930s.
For those who don't know, Jerry Beck is an animation historian with an encyclopedic knowledge of cartoons. He's written many books on animation, many of which I read when I was a kid. He also co-runs Cartoon Brew. I drew a caricature of him in the center in the style of Fleischer's strange human/dog hybrid creatures (like the original Betty Boop). If you're in the LA area, definitely come check this one out. Getting to see these gems on the big screen in 35mm will be a real treat! Details and tickets are at the Cinefamily website.

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Grey said...

Love the Betty Boop stuff but WHERE IS YOUR STORY??