Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Character Design - Week 02

Here's my homework for the 2nd week of character design.
(click to enlarge)

We had to follow this size chart.

Originally, I was going to have a group of hideous, filthy, murderous hillbilly children. Like that one mutant kid that played banjo in "Deliverance". Here's an early concept sketch.
I abandoned that idea because I want to push myself in this class and I wanted to leave my comfort zone a bit. So I thought I'd try something a little more mainstream with traditional commercial appeal. I couldn't help myself from giving the kids weapons though. It couldn't just be any weapons though. I tried to pick specific weapons that I thought would be funniest with the characters and convey some sense of personality. I don;t think a gun would have been funny or worked with any of these characters.

I also looked at pictures of 1950s fashion and style for children as additional inspiration.

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