Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The 9 Tragic Suicides of Hello Kitty - Part 5 of 9

Suicide #5

By 1992, Hello Kitty merchandise sales took a hit in the US market due to the resurgence of Troll Dolls. Though sales still remained strong in other markets, The Sanrio company’s net profits for the year were not enough for Hello Kitty to maintain the lifestyle of luxury and opulence that she was accustomed to. In a move of desperation in January of 1993, Hello Kitty, without the knowledge or consent of Sanrio, began to distribute and sell her personally used panties and other various undergarments through vending machines in an area of Chiba City, Japan which was known for its pornographic magazine and video vending machines. While the burusera (panty fetishism) market was indeed lucrative, Hello Kitty was not able to supply enough undergarments by herself to pay the mortgages on her 5 homes. At an average of 4,800 Japanese yen (50 US Dollars) a piece and an average of 60 pairs of panties a month, Hello Kitty needed much, much more. Beginning in March of 1993, Hello Kitty became much more active in Japan’s lolicon industry by modeling for several erotic magazines dressed in traditional schoolgirl attire. When questioned by her managers at Sanrio about the pictorials, she denied any knowledge of the photographs and it was later dismissed at Do j i n s h I (fan-work pornographic imitation). As Hello Kitty’s greed grew, so did her desperation. Now that she was in the clear with her superiors at Sanrio, she was able to take on a wider variety of more hard-core, and therefore more lucrative, roles in pornography. By the following June, Hello Kitty was appearing in videos of various sub genres of Japanese pornography including Goukan Pure (rape play) and Enjo Kosai (compensated date). On October 25 of 1993, Hello Kitty was filming a shokushu goukan (tentacle rape) porno based on the ukiyo-e woodcut, “The Dream Of The Fisherman’s Wife”, by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. During filming, as she was being penetrated by 3 tentacles of a radio controlled animatronic octopus, Hello Kitty began to cry uncontrollably and suffered a complete breakdown. She ran off stage and locked her self in her dressing room. When the director, Kaneto Shindo, tried to convince her to come out and finish the scene, she cried out from behind the door, “I’ve always been a whore. I’ve been a whore from the very beginning, but I never wanted this. I was born a whore, and I’ll die a whore!” Hello Kitty then took her life by electrocuting herself with an 8-volt golf cart battery which was used to power an multi-pronged, studded and barbed phallus that was to be used in a later scene of the film.

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love it! will any of the tragic suicides be available online for those of us that can't get from athabaca, alberta to atlanta, georgia by the weekend?