Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The 9 Tragic Suicides of Hello Kitty - Part 4 of 9

Suicide #4
“The Lighter Side of Suicide” or “Cat With A Hot Skin…oof!”

In the summer of 1990 Hello Kitty once again began to frequent many exclusive nightclubs in London, New York City, and Los Angeles. While she was more outgoing and promiscuous than she had previously been, she began to grow disinterested with her work and eventually became completely detached from those close to her. In February of 1991, Hello Kitty’s publicist issued a statement saying that she would be taking a sabbatical for the remainder of the year. Hello Kitty took residence in a 2-bedroom home in the medieval hill town in Montefalco, Italy. Between the months of February and September of that year, Hello Kitty had very little contact with the outside. She rarely if ever spoke to her agent, manager, any of her other representatives at Sanrio. The only person she maintained regular contact with was Stephen Purcell, a young temp in the mailroom at Sanrio with whom she had a romantic encounter with in the broom closet at a company holiday party the previous year. According to Stephen, her phone messages during that period were often frantic and increasingly incoherent. “She would start to talk about something like the scenery in Italy, and then in mid-sentence start to talk about the evils of organized religion.” Claimed Stephen in a November interview for tabloid news television show, “Hard Copy”. Hello Kitty’s last contact with the outside was a message to her agent on September 30th in which she simply stated, “The caterpillars are stealing my thoughts. I’ll get ‘em back though. They’re clever. But I’m smarter than they are.” Subsequent calls to Hello Kitty were not returned. Two and a half weeks later, at the request of her representatives, local authorities went to visit her home on October 24th. When Hello Kitty failed to answer the door, the police entered by force and discovered Hello Kitty’s burned corpse in the back yard. The death was determined as a suicide after a full investigation of the house turned up no evidence of foul play. It was determined that hello Kitty was suffering from acute schizophrenia and severe dementia at the time of her death. The stacks of writings, poems, and observations, primarily of various insects, drawn with crayon on butcher paper support this classification. In addition, virtually all of the walls were covered with anatomical drawings of insects that Hello Kitty had made herself with her own feces. Tests of the feces as well as her autopsy revealed she was infected Toxoplasma gondii. Hello Kitty’s acute toxoplasma infection is believed to have occurred as early has the spring of 1989 to also be the cause for the onset of her schizophrenia. The estimated date of her suicide is October 11, 1991.

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