Sunday, November 16, 2014

Now you can own the candy and the fury!

Hey, kids! I'm auctioning off one of the original pencil drawing I used to create the album cover for Candy Coated Fury by Reel Big Fish.

The artwork is signed not only by myself, Thom Foolery, but also the entire band (the line up which recorded Candy Coated Fury, this includes long time member no longer with the group, Dan Reagan) The signatures are: Aaron Barrett (guitar, lead vocals), Dan Regan (trombone, vocals), John Christianson (trumpet, vocals), Ryland Steen (drums), Derek Gibbs (bass, vocals), and Matt Appleton (sax, vocals)

100% of the sale will go to benefit Toys for Tots. For more information on how the drawing was used in the production of the artwork, check out my behind the scenes blog post about the cover from 2012.

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