Monday, May 19, 2014

Rubber? I barely know her?

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This is a piece I made for "Cinch Me", a corset fetish group art show at Antebellum curated by my friend Simone Williams. I want to thank Simone for pushing me to do something new with my work. I was worried I wouldn't have time to create a piece since I tend to over-think all of my work and fixate on minute details to the point where I take forever to get a piece done. This is one of the reasons I'm not as productive as I'd like, because each piece seem to take too long or I'll end up getting frustrated and give up before I even begin. Simone saw some of my more loose, rough concepts for other pieces and convinced me that my work even in that state still looks good and that I should just go for it. I think she was right. Instead of spending weeks on a large scale canvas painting with a paint brush smaller than my pinky nail, I just went for it with markers and paint on a large sheet of paper and I was able to knock it out in one afternoon. I should really paint like this more often. The color choices were inspired by my friend Xanthia.

 (in the upper right, from left to right: Dominique D'vita, Simone Williams, Xanthia Pink)

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