Sunday, July 22, 2012

Look who's turning 5!

Here's this month's promo illustration for Cartoon Dump. It's the 5 year anniversary show!

This one was kind of a rush. I started working on a rough sketch with the idea that the show was on the last Monday of the month, so that would give it a week to be used for promoting. Turns out I was wrong, and the show is tomorrow. 4th Monday of every month, not the last Monday. So Jerry needed it within about 2 hours, so I sorta flew through this one. It wasn't so bad since 80% of Moodsy's body is reused from a previous design. But I still feel there were some problem areas that could have been tightened up. Oh well. I'll have more time to work on August's design.

"Fun" Fact: For the cake, I swiped the colors from the cake that Mr. Burns made in the Simpsons "Scenes From A Class Struggle In Springfield" (Season 7 Episode 14)
He pickled the figs himself!

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