Friday, June 11, 2010

Meet The Cretins

Here's a new painting I finished up last night.

It's 28x28 acrylic on (shitty) wood. I had some scrap wood laying around and decided to use it for a quick "eh, I'll kill a few hours on a Sunday" kinda piece. But the lousy quality of the wood and ruff, porus surface made it damn near impossible to get any kind of decent line quality. The original sketch seemed to have much more weight to it that got lost in the painting.

Here's a picture for size reference.

These guys are "The Cretin Brothers". The little one with the switch blade is Fink, and the big one is Runt. They kinda draw from the 19050s juvenile delinquent sorta culture. There's a bit of Ed Roth influence thrown in there (obviously). I first drew them for a T-shirt for my pals/black metal ska-punk heathens/freelance gynocologysts, Stuck Lucky

I've been thinking about developing these guys as characters to be licensed. You know, the whole creepy/cute, gothy-punky, Hot Topic-y sorta thing? I like those sort of characters, but they all seem to be girls (i.e. Emily the Strange, Ruby Gloom, etc), so maybe there's some room for boys. I'd like to do some more drawings with them and flesh them out a bit. Work in some personality. I don't mean to toot my own horn (at least not while anyone is watching) but I think these guys would make great looking vinyl figures.

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What happened to the Viking girl ??